10 Year Maintenance Plans for Sectional Title Schemes

10 Year Maintenance Plans for Sectional Title Schemes picture

We provide a full service:

  1. We provide ten-year maintenance plans for all types of community property complexes in South Africa.
  2. We provide the full service within the borders of Gauteng, by doing the property site inspections ourselves, in collaboration with an appointed member. The price will normally depend on the size, age, and preventative maintenance condition of the complex. Remotely for other provinces. See point 3.
  3. We also empower persons in all provinces to provide a full service, with our package of three mentoring products (the software, the training manual, and the MS Excel training manual).
  4. We use state-of-the-art software, which we have developed for this purpose.
  • Please request a quote: admin@meridianfinance.co.za. Stating your building type, amount of units, and location.
  • We have a proven track record and have assisted many complexes, shopping malls, and office blocks since 2017. Our experience in property, maintenance, and construction qualifies us to provide you with the correct 10-year maintenance plan for your sectional title scheme.


The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, Promulgated 11 June 2011, Effective 7 October 2016 is applicable to the following types of shared use, responsibility, or accountability of land and/or buildings:

· Sectional titles development schemes
· Share block companies
· Home or property owners associations
· Housing schemes for retired persons
· Housing co-operatives
· Gated Villages with a Constitution
· Social Co-operatives
· Shopping malls with shared ownership


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