Residential Home Loan

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You’re much more likely to get a home loan when you use a bond originator!

We provide the best service and advice to any potential buyer in securing property finance from all the banks and selected private financial service providers in South Africa. Applications are successfully concluded online,  without any traveling required or for you to wait in long lines.  We provide the most efficient and effective customer service in the country with our in-depth know-how and more than 10 years of experience to assist you successfully.

We assist:

  •  First-time home buyers to secure 100% finance with cost.
  •  New property purchases.
  •  Further loans and advances.
  •  Building loans.
  •  Pre-qualifications and credit checks.
  •  Foreign Nationals wanting to purchase property in South Africa.


1.Prequalification to go house hunting

We issue a certificate that states what you can afford (and the bond you’re likely to get). Not only do you know now what your price ceiling is, but estate agents and sellers will take you more seriously.

2. One application for all the banks

You complete one set of forms and we will submit it to up to nine banks, including your own.

Nedbank, Absa, FNB, Standard Bank, Ithala Bank, HIP, Sentinel Homes, Investec, SA Homeloans, RMB

3.Compare home loan offers 

We source quotes from the leading banks for you to compare.

4. We negotiate the best rate on your behalf

Meridian Finance will negotiate with the banks on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal.

5.Our service is free of charge

Meridian Finance is paid a commission by the banks, so there’s no cost to the homebuyer.

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