Business Loan Application

Documents to submit:

1. 6 Months of business banking statements

2. CIPC Company Registration documents

3. Where the business property is leased, a copy of the lease agreement 

4. Where the business property is owned, a copy of the rates account or title deed in the name of the business 

5. Copy of ID documents of all directors/members.

6. Application form (Find it under "Application Forms")

6. VAT statements of account for the last two years.  We understand that you might require the loan to pay any outstanding VAT (if you are not registered for VAT, we need a letter from your accountant stating that you are not registered for VAT).

7. Two (2) years of audited and signed financial statements.

* A credit consent form will be emailed to you on receipt of the above documents and a consultant will be in contact with you.

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